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Embedded System Development

Embedded System Development

Nov 01, 2020

LUPHITOUCH and its professionally trained personnel, as well as the most advanced infrastructure and design technology, are a one-stop solution for your embedded system design and development. So, no matter where you find the microcontroller unit (MCU) incorporated into a functioning electronic design, our service will comply.

Hardware development

Also, LUPHITOUCH has the expertise to quickly develop complex embedded hardware based on the most popular microcontrollers and FPGAs. The hardware we develop is efficient and cost-effective. We also have experience in developing multi-processor hardware. We also extend hardware embedded system development through software/firmware development.

Embedded software development

LUPHITOUCH can develop appropriate software, which is called the "soul" of embedded systems. This is also called "firmware development". We also develop firmware for most modern microcontrollers and FPGAs.

In addition, our firmware development team has the ability to develop even the most complex firmware consisting of thousands of lines of efficient and accurate code. We have professional C/C++ programmers who can develop fast and compact firmware.

LUPHITOUCH specializes in the complete custom architecture of embedded systems, focusing on high-end and commercial or consumer-level embedded hardware/software design services.

  • Printed circuit board (PCB) design
  • Complex programmable logic device (CPLD) and system-on-chip (SoC) - based design
  • Schematic and Gerber file generation
  • Analog and digital signal interface
  • RS232 communication
  • RFID
  • USB
  • British Telecom
  • Wireless network
  • GPRS, GSM and satellite modem


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