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Our Integrated Assemblies Services

Our Integrated Assemblies Services

Nov 01, 2020

LUPHITOUCH dedicated to lean manufacturing techniques in all of our operations, such as human interface assemblies manufacturing, PCBA, integrated assemblies and turnkey assemblies. We also have numerous integrated assemblies working experiences dedicated to our customers’ semi-finished products and completed products, ensuring that we continually maximize efficiency and improve our processes through skillful workers and strong engineering capabilities.

In addition, we have established completed green supply chain which ensure us can get the qualified materials and components of the plastic, hardwares, cable, LCD, touchscreen and other electronics components very quickly.

Our Intergrated Assemblies Capabilities Includes:

  • PCB/FPC/PET Assemblies
  • Plastic + Rubber
  • Rubber + PCBA/FPCA
  • Membrane keypads + PCBA/FPCA
  • Rubber + membrane keypads
  • Membrane keypads + metal/PMMA/PC backplane
  • Rubber + Membrane keypads + Touchpanel + FPC + Back panel + Cable
  • OCA full lamination assembly (E.g.: Graphic overlay window assemble PC lens/LCD, LCD assembled with touchscreen etc.)
  • Box-build Assemblies(Turnkey assemblies);

Our Advantages for Integrated Assemblies Services:

  • Global and domestic supply chain for all of your custom manufactured components and materials
  • We also have Strict materials incoming inspection in place to ensure all components are to specification
  • Program burning
  • Moreoever, we offer Complete cabinet assembly and testing
  • Also, our Skillful workers and strong engineering capabilities ensure great results.
  • Engineering design support
  • We also offer Components and materials selection suggestion
  • ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified
  • Over 8 years OEM experiences for overseas market
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