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OCA Assemblies: High-quality Services

OCA Assemblies: High-quality Services

Nov 01, 2020

LTGO0077 is a thin film panel that Luphi Electronics produces for American customers. We offer the best OCA Assemblies services. It has an OCA on the back of the window and PC optical lens. We import the panel material, it is scratch-resistant Kotutai Autoflex series PET.

We also import The back glue, 3M glue. Also, we laminate OCA on the back of the window with a thickened single-sided hardened optical grade PC lens. Luphi Electronics has the only high-grade dust-free and anti-static clean room in the industry, with OCA vacuum laminator and deaerator, which can provide customers with various value-added services of window OCA laminating PC lens/LCD/touch screen.

So, For more information on OCA Assemblies services, contact us today. 

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