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Singlechip Development

Singlechip Development

Nov 01, 2020

For membrane switch products, LuphiTouch can do both resistive membrane switches and capacitive membrane switches. For capacitive membrane switch, most of the time the end customer needs us to integrate the backlighting, sound, and some logic functions into it. Then the Single-chip development will be necessary to do such kind of project.

LuphiTouch’s software and electronics engineers have many years of experience in the HMI industry. They can support our customer to make electronics design and Single-chip software development as per customer wanted function and other performances.

For such kind of capacitive interface switch panel project, the end customers always only have a rough idea about their needs. For example, they only know the out-shape dimension, buttons’ character (i.e. with backlighting or not), how many operation buttons, want LCD display or not, and the logic function they wanted. The press which button will have what kind of function and what kind of feedback to our eyes, ears, etc.

How to make those requirements be a final interface product to the end customer? LuphiTouch gives you a solution. Our graphic art engineer will design overlay graphics for you. Our mechanical engineer will design this interface panel structure for you. They need to consider the whole interface switch panel’s thickness, out-shape dimension, flat or curved surface, embed backlighting structure or not, etc. Our electronics engineer will design circuit layout, make PCB Gerber file, select components, make prototype PCBA board. Our software engineer will design the function program as per your provided logic function control request, then burn the program into the selected IC and make function testing, function adjustment, until the prototype’s function meets your wanted requirements.

For your capacitive interface switch panel project development or other electronic project development, please feel free to inquiry us at

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