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Metal Assemblies

Metal Assemblies

Nov 01, 2020

LUPHITOUCH is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plant that offers outstanding Metal Assemblies services. We will ensure that each production assembly can meet the needs of any application. We attach great importance to the customer's attention to the details we entrust to each project. Thus, we have a team of professionals who can start from your design specifications. Then move to raw materials to produce products that are cut, formed, welded and assembled. Regardless of the size, weight or complexity you need. Our years of experience can help us guide you in the most efficient use of time and materials.

This experience also provides us with a perspective that allows us to see potential problems. And discover any obstacles that may arise during the entire manufacturing and assembly process. Whether it is a one-off prototype or a large-scale production, the quality standards and production efficiency of each step in the entire manufacturing process will be analyzed.

Our metal stamping assembly service also provides various auxiliary processes. Which can provide you with finished metal parts or components for your use in the manufacturing process. LUPHITOUCH performs a wide range of finishing operations, including heat treatment, cleaning, deburring, riveting, hardware insertion, counter hole, tapping and other machining operations.

From simple two-piece assembly to complex multi-layer assembly, LUPHITOUCH's manufacturing team can provide products that meet your exact specifications. Starting with a special ERP system to manage multi-level bills of materials. We are also able to perform various assemblies, manufacturing and quality personnel who dedicate endlessly to meet your specific needs.

We combine Machined parts and hardware (mechanical fasteners and press-in parts) with precision stamped parts to form a complete ready-to-use metal assemblies services.

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