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Plastic Assemblies

Plastic Assemblies

Nov 01, 2020

LUPHITOUCH has mastered all assembly processes (manual or automatic) of injection molded plastic parts and complex sub-assemblies. Our plastic injection molding plant in China includes a plastic parts assembly including a plastic parts assembly workshop with multiple modular assembly lines. In this way, we can provide you with a complete solution that not only meets your injection parts requirements (original and assembly), but also meets the needs of complex sub-assembly.

Our Plastic Assemblies Services

We in fact can provide you with flexible and competitive solutions and can help you complete the different steps of the project. In the process of part optimization, our design department directly considered the assembly constraints. For us, it is also possible to produce prototypes or practical small batches upstream. Prototyping allows the production of parts in order to perform assembly testing for verification.

Prototyping allows the production of parts in order to perform assembly testing for verification. We also integrated components and consumables. Our procurement office directly "procures" in China with our approved suppliers and subcontractors. You can also provide us with the elements to be integrated.

We carry out regular quality control of the products. To provide you with quality and delivery time according to your requirements and specifications. Production, assembly and packaging can be completely concentrated in our factory in China.

In order to further realize the industrialization of your products, in our factory, we perform all operations of production, complete assembly, integration and packaging. We can process metal parts in the processing workshop. In addition, in order to promote industrial procurement, our procurement office can purchase all the elements needed to manufacture products. You can also provide us with your own integration elements.

Metal parts: precision machining, insert blades (brass, steel, stainless steel), metal parts, etc.
Sheet metal parts: manufacturing of sheet metal parts, fine sheet metal parts.
Electronic components: electrical components, electronic boards, PCBs, LEDs, RFID chips, etc.
Machinery and other components: foam, stickers (plastic and metal), self-adhesive protective film, silicone parts, screws and springs, gears, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) washers, etc.
Packaging: protective foam, blister packaging, user notes, sealing labels and packaging, etc.

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